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 A 100% female team at Condroz rally 2012 !    

That's Rock !!!

 Racing Technic bring logistic support, presse service and expérience to set this opération as success.  take a look to our press review


Babeth & Dona


By taking part to their FIRST Condroz rally in Huy (3 et 4 November), Babeth Fagnant (La Roche) and Dona Servais (Lierneux) kill 2 birds with one stone : they satify their common passion for motorsports and promote  "DYADIS" , non profit that educate dogs to help in daily needs of disables.


Condroz Rally : 2 girls racing for Dyadis and  labradors...

A 100% female team will gratuitously race for the benefit of DYADIS during the next Condroz rally on November 3rd & 4th.
Created in 1994, DYADIS is a Belgian non-profit for assigning helps dogs for deseable persons.
The driver Elisabeth FAGNANT (23 years old, La Roche) and the second driver Donatienne SERVAIS (27 years old, from Lierneux)
will take part at this rally under the colors of this useful non-profit that educate labradors during 2 years
before offering it to deseable persons; these dogs are educated tu supply to all the smalls difficults daily gesture.
Elisabeth FAGNANT and Dona SERVAIS's purpose is to have DYADIS better known throught the channel of motorsport.
Competitive in a "hardly male" environment, they feel for this non-profit, actually similar to the integration difficulties
they succeed in this basically " uneasy access" universe.
With the small CITROEN C2 from DC Sport, Babeth and Dona have as objective to reach sundays evening's finish flag,
with the purpose that everybody discover the non-profit DYADIS during the whole week end !
Used to take part to local rallies since 2 years, these 2 girls accept there a huge challenge by racing at the Condroz rally in Huy, Belgium,
first time for this sympathic duo on a National championship event !
By supporting DYADIS, Elisabeth FAGNANT and Dona SERVAIS drop some sweet heart in their racing car's engine !
Follow this DYADIS team, begin of November, for the solidarity race !
Join the utility to the pleasure and passion, here's the essence of their motivation !
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